Science Park 16.04.2014 Science Park Seminar. The next of our Science Park seminars will be from 12:30-13:30 on 23rd April in the Dstl Conservation Museum when Dr Caroline Willis of the Food, Water and Environment unit of Public Health England will give a talk entitled "Poultry as a Reservoir for Foodborne Disease". The talk will be from 12:30 until around 13:15 followed by light refreshments during which there will be the opportunity to network. These seminars, held in the Dstl Conservation Museum (in the northwest corner of the Dstl car park - to the left when facing the Dstl Reception), are intended to bring together scientists from Dstl, HPA, NHS Trusts and companies both from the Science Park and the local area. A light lunch and refreshments will be provided (if you feel like eating after the talk - I guess chicken and egg sandwiches will be avoided). For catering numbers RSPV: or 01980 556514 by noon on Thursday 17th April.

Science Park 24.03.2014 Salisbury Cafe Scientifique Seminar The April talk will be on Tuesday 1st April, at Salisbury Rugby Club. Entitled "Swarming, Flocking and Shoaling" and given by Prof. Matthew S Turner of University of Warwick Department of Physics it will discuss how interactions between social animals can lead to "emergent" collective behaviour that cannot be inferred by studying any one individual. Such interactions can be very powerful. Indeed, they can be said to have led to the emergence of human civilization. In other species social behaviour is manifested in swarms of insects, flocks of birds and shoals of fish. In this talk he will discuss what we know about this behaviour, which is surprisingly little, and propose some new ideas for how it could emerge in the absence of any leader(s) to give instructions. Although there may be applications in swarm robotics, pest control and animal conservation, this talk will focus on the basic science of understanding a fascinating & widespread, but poorly understood, natural phenomenon. As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see )

Science Park 17.03.2014 Enigma Diagnostics Secures Additional Technology Strategy Board DIIA Funding for Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Assay More good news from Enigma Diagnostics who have just announced that it has been awarded a second grant from the UK Technology Strategy Board. This grant will support further development of its test for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) on its CE Marked Enigma Mini Laboratory (ML) system. Enigma Diagnostics has already demonstrated feasibility testing of a single tube assay that can identify and differentiate human and bovine TB in an earlier trial, funded by an initial grant from the Technology Strategy Board's Biomedical Catalyst programme. The MDR-TB assay also detects all mutations responsible for Rifampicin and Isoniazid resistance. The grant of £1.4m was awarded to a consortium led by Enigma Diagnostics which includes Imperial College and HSR Ltd. Enigma will focus on further development of the MDR-TB assay and fully automated sample preparation for use on Enigma's flagship ML system. This uniquely combines a number of features critical to PoC testing. The fully automated raw sample to result instrument platform delivers results equivalent to central laboratory standards in up to 70 minutes and can be used by non-technical users in both laboratory and decentralised settings. With this assay, the ML system will be particularly appropriate for use in developing countries and in resource-poor areas where multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is an ever-increasing problem. The ML system's ease of use requires minimal training and offer physicians a paradigm shift in their ability to make fully informed treatment decisions and patients fast and accurate diagnosis with immediate treatment.
John McKinley, Chairman of Enigma Diagnostics, said: "With this grant, The Technology Strategy Board has recognised the importance of supporting Enigma to develop complex diagnostic assays on its ML system which can ultimately save patients' lives. Our sophisticated multiplexing technology provides unprecedented levels of urgently required diagnostic information to clinicians working in a range of healthcare locations. We recognise MDR-TB as a significant healthcare issue and this grant will enable Enigma to broaden its commercialisation programme to include this important test."
Wessex Academic Health Science Network Industry Summit. This will take place at Holiday Inn, Winchester on Friday 28 March from 10am-2pm. For leaders of life science and related industries across Wessex to explore how together we can :
Build a local network to support business growth in health/life sciences
Understand NHS needs and developments
Improve access to partnerships for joint working with the NHS and research
Improve local health services and outcomes for patients.
This event complements the WAHSN Health Life Sciences cluster seminar on 26 February, which was held specifically for industry located the Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership region. The presentation slides are now available on the WIRES website here:

Science Park 27.02.2014 Salisbury Cafe Scientifique Seminar The March talk will be on Tuesday 4th March 2014, at Salisbury Rugby Club. Entitled "Green Energy Materials in 3D", it will be given by Prof. M Saiful Islam who is Professor of Computational Materials Chemistry at the University of Bath. Saiful is leading a research team using computer modelling techniques to study new crystalline materials for "clean energy" applications such as lithium batteries and fuel cells. With the help of 3D glasses Saiful will give us some understanding of this work. As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see )

Science Park 14.02. 2014 Swindon & Wiltshire LEP Health Life Sciences Industry: Seminar and discussion, Wednesday, 26 February from 10:00 to 14:00 Salisbury Guildhall, Market Place, Salisbury SP1 1JH . Explore how a vibrant Health Life Sciences industry cluster in Swindon and Wiltshire would drive ahead economic growth, and attract and support new enterprises to the region. This event will consult delegates on the elements of a proposed infrastructure, in turn informing a business plan and investment strategy. This event will consult delegates on the elements of a proposed infrastructure, in turn informing a business plan and investment strategy.
Further details from
Professor Colin Blakemore - "The Unbearable Lightness of Seeing", 7.00pm Friday 7 March 2014, Bishop Wordsworth's School, Salisbury. Professor Blakemore was recently named by the Science Council as one of Britain's 100 leading scientists. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and of the Academy of Medical Science, member of ten other academies of science and winner of awards in Britain, the United States, France, Switzerland, Ireland and the Czech Republic.
The title for Professor Blakemore's lecture will be "The Unbearable Lightness of Seeing". The talk will be about visual perception (some interesting and puzzling demonstrations and illusions) and about the puzzling difference between the sort of information reaching the brain and the way in which we actually see the world.
Entrance to the Lecture is free, but by advance booking only. Please contact BWS Reception, or bookings can be made by telephone on 01722 333851 or by contacting the school via

Science Park 28.01.2014 Salisbury Cafe Scientifique Seminar : On Tuesday 4th February Colin Tudge, author and campaigner, will give a talk entitled "Why the world needs a Renaissance of Small Farming". He has written the books "Good food for everyone forever" and "Why Genes are not selfish and people are nice" and with his wife, Ruth West, he co-founded The Campaign for Real Farming. "Farming the world over needs re-thinking and re-building. The high-tech, high-input, industrial kind, geared to wealth and power, is not fit for purpose - but the industrialized kind is what our leaders are promoting: our governments, the corporates, and their chosen advisers. So we, all of us, must take matters into our own hands - and create a people-led "Agrarian Renaissance". The good news is that this is already happening - here and in many other countries. So come and discuss what needs doing and why - and how to get involved!". As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see )
A fortnight ago, in 14th January, there was a fascinating talk in the Tetricus Science Park series of seminars. Entitled "Down in the Mouth! Is There Life on Molars? An Introduction to the microbiology of the mouth". Given by Professor Phil Marsh of Public Health England, it gave a remarkable insight into oral microbiology such that it had us all running our tongues over our teeth and perhaps being hesitant about what we ate in the refreshments that followed.

Science Park 21.01.2014 Enigma Diagnostics CE marks the Enigma ML system and its first multiplexed assay detecting Influenza A, Influenza B and RSV. Tetricus Science Park tenant, Enigma Diagnostics Ltd, a leader in molecular diagnostic point-of-care (PoC) infectious disease testing, recently announced that it had declared conformity with the requirements of the IVD Directive 98/79/EC for CE Marking of its Enigma ML system and its first FluAB-RSV diagnostic assay.
The Enigma ML system uniquely combines a number of features critical to PoC testing. The fully automated raw sample to result instrument platform delivers results equivalent to central laboratory standards in up to 70 minutes, harnessing the speed and sensitivity of real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) with both simple and highly multiplexed assay formats. Its ease of use allows minimal training and has shown nil operator variance in trials, a major issue for other laboratory based diagnostic instruments where testing is undertaken by different operators. Together, these features will offer physicians a paradigm shift in their ability to make fully informed treatment decisions and fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.
The FluAB-RSV test can detect all currently circulating influenza and RSV viruses from nasopharyngeal swab samples, all tested in a single tube. Enigma is currently undertaking performance evaluation to extend the CE mark to other sample types for this test. In addition, Enigma is developing a pipeline of deeply multiplexed assays for the Enigma ML including panel tests for respiratory viruses, MDR-TB, and a wide range of other sexual diseases and hospital acquired infections.
Enigma's respiratory assays will target the increasing global influenza testing market where over 12 million influenza tests are undertaken annually. With fast and accurate testing ability, the Enigma ML will first market its assays in over 30 countries accepting CE marking and will then develop tests for the US FDA and other regulatory regimes, establishing leadership in global PoC testing.
John McKinley, Chairman of Enigma Diagnostics, said: "Achieving CE Mark for our Enigma ML and the FluAB-RSV test is a significant milestone for Enigma. Our FluAB-RSV assay will be quickly followed by a pipeline of multiplexed assays targeted at PoC testing and relevant to both developed and emerging healthcare regions. We are in the last stages of finalising our global commercialisation partnership strategy and our assay pipeline will be delivered in collaboration with a number of partners.

Science Park 09.01.2014 GW Pharmaceutical shares launch on NASDAQ
GW Pharmaceuticals, a key tenant of Tetricus Science Park, has announced the pricing of its follow-on offering of shares on NASDAQ, which is expected to raise more than £50m. The biopharmaceutical business unveiled plans to issue 2.4m American depositary shares at a price of $36 (£21.9) per share. This offering is expected to raise gross proceeds of $87.9m (£53.4m). GW also granted the underwriters 30 days to buy an additional 366,165 American depositary shares at the same price. The offer is expected to close on 14 January 2014. Justin Gover, chief executive officer of GW Pharmaceuticals, said: "We are announcing today that GW has successfully completed an oversubscribed offering raising $87.9m. This offering enables GW to carry out the clinical development of our childhood epilepsy orphan development programme centred on our product candidate Epidiolex". Based on the Tetricus Science Park, the company grows cannabis plants for medicinal research at a secret location somewhere in the South of England. Further details are on the company's website (

Science Park 16.12.2013 Wilton Biotechnologies launches solution to safe soil testing.
The newest tenant on Tetricus Science Park, Wilton Biotechnologies, has launched an innovative yet simple to use, reliable and low cost safe soil testing system. The S2 Safe Soil Tester provides a reliable result within 17 minutes from sample collection with the capability to map, using an inbuilt GPS system, exactly where the sample was taken. The S2 detects soil-borne toxic chemicals including petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins and pesticides. Many of these compounds are not only toxic but also carcinogenic and the Environment Agency have a Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment model (CLEA) which takes account of the short and long term health effects of exposure to these compounds. For further details see the Wilton Biotechnologies web site,

Science Park 27.11.2013 GW Pharmaceuticals Announces Sativex Regulatory Approval in Switzerland
Tetricus Science Park tenant company, GW Pharmaceuticals plc, a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform, announced that it has received regulatory approval for its prescription medicine Sativex in Switzerland. A full marketing authorization has been granted by the Swissmedic authorities in the treatment of moderate to severe spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients who have not responded adequately to other anti-spasticity medications. Launch timing is dependent on completion of pricing and reimbursement procedures. Sativex will be commercialized in Switzerland by GW's European partner, Almirall S.A.
"This approval in Switzerland marks yet another regulatory success for Sativex, which is now approved in a total of 23 countries," stated Justin Gover, Chief Executive Officer of GW. "We now look forward to working with our partners, Almirall, towards this launch so as to enable MS patients in Switzerland to benefit from this important new treatment."
Sativex is approved for use in the treatment of MS spasticity in 23 countries, including 17 countries in Europe. The medicine is currently available on prescription in the UK, Spain, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Italy and Finland with launches currently in preparation for a further 8 European countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Kuwait.

Science Park 16.10.2013 KalVista Pharmaceuticals Brings Expertise to New European Consortium Focused on the Discovery and Development of Novel Eye Therapeutics
KalVista Pharmaceuticals, a Tetricus Science Park ophthalmology company with a focus on diabetic macular edema (DME), is joining a group of academic and industry researchers to undertake a four-year project known as '3D-NET' ('Drug Discovery and Development of Novel Eye Therapeutics' on the development of new drugs for the treatment of ocular disease associated with inflammation, neovascularisation, edema and degeneration. The project will be funded through a 1.66 million Euro Marie Curie Industry-Academia Pathways and Partnerships (IAPP) grant award from the EU Seventh Framework Programme (612218/3D-NET).
KalVista brings to the partnership expertise in ocular diseases resulting from diabetes, such as diabetic macular edema, an extensive library of novel compounds already screened for activity in the eye, and proven capabilities in the development of drugs from target identification through to in vitro pharmacology and safety. The other consortium partners, include leading researchers in front- and back-of-the-eye diseases, ocular disease models and synthetic chemistry at University College Dublin (Ireland), Universidad de Valladolid (Spain), RenaSci Ltd (Nottingham, UK) and Gadea Grupo Farmaceutico (Spain).
Andrew Crockett, KalVista CEO, commented "We are delighted to be part of this EU project. The consortium brings a unique combination of skills and opportunities to overcome barriers to ocular drug discovery and development and advance new therapies for a range of eye diseases. In addition, this project will provide KalVista with access to new ophthalmology projects and dovetails nicely with our internal programmes focused on intravitreal and oral plasma kallikrein inhibitors for DME. The intravitreal programme is advancing rapidly to the first in human trial, expected to start in early 2014, and we continue to progress our programme focused on novel oral drugs for DME."

18.09.2013 Fluorogenics launch new Product
Fluorogenics Limited has launched a Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) test that will detect both HSV-1 and HSV-2 (required for the identification of cold sores and genital herpes). The VMAX range of products works with other consumables to carry out a complete automated test, sample to result, on the Becton, Dickinson and Company BD Max Automated Molecular Testing System. The VMAX HSV test is the first in a planned pipeline of VMAX products for infectious diseases that Fluorogenics will deliver to market over the coming months. For more information contact Dr Martin Lee (02380 097 2030), email or see the website Fluorogenics Limited is in no way affiliated with BD, its products or services.

Science Park 16.08.2013 Enigma trial success
Recently Enigma Diagnostics Ltd announced that it had successfully completed analytical and diagnostic verification of its FluAB-RSV diagnostic assay on the Enigma ML system at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, and will conclude clinical validation and CE marking of the test in 2013. Enigma has installed a number of mini laboratory (ML) instruments at Guy's and St. Thomas' for use at the Trust's Centre for Clinical Infection and Diagnostics Research (CIDR). During May and June 2013, several hundred clinical samples, obtained by Enigma from patients in Africa with symptoms of respiratory disease, were processed on the Enigma ML system and compared with data from the Luminex xTAG respiratory viral panel, showing comparable sensitivity and specificity between the two systems. The Enigma ML achieved negative predictive value (NPV) and positive predictive value (PPV) values of 100% for the FluB and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) components of the assay and NPV and PPV of 97% and 100% for the FluA component of the assay. The Enigma ML system has the capability to deliver PCR-based results from a raw sample in about 60 minutes and Enigma, in addition to the FluAB-RSV test, is developing a series of deeply multiplexed assays for the Enigma ML including panel tests for respiratory viruses, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and other respiratory infections. John McKinley, Executive Chairman of Enigma Diagnostics, said: "We are delighted to be collaborating with such a prestigious and influential clinical centre. Having achieved such an exceptional diagnostic performance on our Enigma ML system with the FluAB-RSV assay, we are now ready for validation and CE marking". Dr Jonathan Edgeworth, Consultant Microbiologist and Head of the Centre for Clinical Infection and Diagnostics Research, said: "We are pleased that Enigma has chosen Guy's and St. Thomas' as its partner to test the performance of the Enigma ML system. This will provide an opportunity to influence the development of a testing system that has potential to benefit patients in the future. Further details at

Science Park 18.07.2013 The Definitive Bible to Real-Time PCR?
Dr Martin Lee, director of Tetricus Science Park tenant compny,Fluorogenics Limited, has co-edited the latest edition of "Real-time PCR: Advanced Technologies and Applications" (ISBN 978-1-908230-22-5, Caister Academic Press) with Professor Nick Saunders of the PHE Microbiology Service Division, Colindale. This is the third edition of the book that Martin has contributed to, but the first as an editor. Two chapters, from Drs Waqar Hussain and David Squirrell of Enigma Diagnostics Limited, were significant contributions to this latest edition. Interested? You can buy a copy of "Real-time PCR" on Amazon for £159.00. Pop in to room 32 in Building 227 on the Tetricus Science Park and Martin will sign it for you! More about Fluorogenics at or contact Martin by e-mail at

Science Park 17.06.2013 One gadget's journey from military biohazard detection to oil prospecting
Tetricus Science Park tenant, Ploughshare Innovations, the technology transfer arm of the MOD's Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, have used crowdsourcing specialists Marblar to stimulate ideas for new, civilian applications for some of their cutting-edge technologies. Suggestions were encouraged on a competition basis and both Ploughshare and Marblar are extremely pleased with the outcome of the first competition that drew to a close a few days ago.
The Surface Sampler is a rugged, simple-to-use device that can detect multiple compounds in parallel via a simple surface-swab (based on the same technology as pregnancy tests). The MOD originally developed it (and it is currently being commercialised) for defence purposes, but given its versatility they thought there must be a myriad of other problems it could solve.
A range of ideas poured in during the process making for some tough decisions but a winner for use in oil/gas prospecting was determined with two close runners-up with applications as diverse as arthritis diagnostics to veterinary medicine.
The winning submission that caught the inventors' eye was proposed by Eswar Ramalingam, Canadian biotech executive and multiple Marblar competition winner. He realised that the devices ability to detect microbes which can exist on the surface in populations often associated with hydrocarbon reservoirs could bring about big changes in the way oil/gas prospectors do their job.
In Eswa's own words: "To map hydrocarbon rich domains in an oil basin usually requires extensive and specialist resources. Using the precise tools of modern biotechnology in combination with advances in fracking, I felt that we could achieve a never before attempted synthesis of the "disruptive innovations" that these two fields entail, fostering a revolution in Energy Exploration".
So what exactly made Eswar's entry stand out to the inventors?
According to Richard Hebdon, of Ploughshare Innovations; "There were several key factors but primarily a market application in a completely new area has been identified that hadn't been considered previously"
"We're very excited to explore the potential of both the winning idea as well as the other potential applications."

Science Park 22.05.2013 GW Pharmaceuticals plc Announces Sativex Commercialization Approval in Italy Earlier this month GW Pharmaceuticals announced that it has received commercialisation approval for its prescription medicine Sativex in Italy. A full marketing authorisation has been granted by the authorities in Italy for the treatment of moderate to severe spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients who have not responded adequately to other anti-spasticity medications. "The approval in Italy brings the total to 21 countries that have approved Sativex for use in the treatment of MS spasticity," stated Justin Gover, Chief Executive Officer of GW. "In granting reimbursement approval for Sativex, we appreciate the foresight of the Italian authorities in recognising the importance of a medicine that treats a particularly debilitating symptom of MS that is not adequately treated with currently available medications. We now look forward to working with our partners Almirall towards commercial launch in this important market in a few months' time"

Science Park 01.05.2013 Fluorogenics expand operations. Fluorogenics Limited has recently expanded it operations into a larger suite of rooms whilst retaining its initial manufacturing laboratories. This will provide them with increased manufacturing space to increase production of its Cyxci and the recently launched Generix brands of lyophilised PCR core master mix. Generix is an extremely cost effective product that can be offered at prices not matched within the industry and is aimed at academic and research institutions. To celebrate the launce of this product they are holding a mini exhibition in the main building of Dstl on 13th May with the hope of generating more on-site business and helping with collaborative opportunities across all areas doing PCR. Further details at
Next week's Cafe Scientifique Seminar : on Tuesday 7th May will be by Jennifer Luke, who will give a talk entitled "Is the Pineal Gland a Target for Fluoride Toxicity?" The talk will cover fluoride physiology, its deposition in the human pineal gland and the effects this has on pineal physiology. As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see )

Science Park 26.04.2013 Visit by Salisbury MP, John Glen, to KalVista Laboratories. This morning, Salisbury MP, John Glen, received a guided tour of the KalVista Pharmaceuticals laboratories, together with two representatives from Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF), a charity supporting research into type 1 diabetes. On his visit he was accompanied by David Newman and Maebh Kelly from JDRF. They were welcomed by Andrew Crockett,CEO; Sally Hampton, Director of Programme Management and Robert Haigh, COO. John was interested in learning more about the work of JDRF through its industry partnership with KalVista. JDRF are providing up to $2.2 million of financial support and research expertise to KalVista in their search for a treatment for diabetic macular edema (DME). Find out more about other JDRF funded research at
Science Park 26.03.2013 Salisbury Cafe Scientifique Seminar : On Tuesday 2nd April, Alastair Duncan, Lead Dietician at Guy's and St. Thomas' hospital in London will give a talk entitled "Nutrition in HIV" . It will focus:

  • HIV epidemiology – good news and bad news
  • Why is nutrition important in HIV?
  • HIV Nutrition in Africa
  • Accelerated ageing in HIV.

As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see )

Science Park 06.03.2013 Yesterday's seminars : Two excellent presentations yesterday. The lunchtime seminar entitled " Discovery and Development of New Treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy", given by Sally Hampton, Director of Programme Management at KalVista Pharmaceuticals, was given to a full house and was praised for clarity and depth of presentation. The evening one at Salisbury Cafe Scientifique was extremely interesting and thought-provoking and the audience was held in trepidation, expecting spray everywhere, when Gianluca opened a can of well shaken Coca Cola. If you missed it, you can see how he avoided a mess, along with the rest of his presentation, at one of his previous presentations at TEDx, Teddington, now available on YouTube (

Science Park 26.02.2013 Tetricus Science Park Seminar : On Tuesday 5th March, Sally Hampton (Head of Biology) and Robert Haigh (Founder and Chief Operating Officer) of Kalvista Pharmaceuticals will give a presentation on " Discovery and Development of New Treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy" from 12:30-14:00 pm in the Dstl Conservation Museum. A light lunch will be provided, so RSVP to or 01980 556514, by close on Friday 1st March 2013 so we have numbers for catering.
The next Cafe Scientifique will also be on the same day in the evening, when Dr Gianluca Memoli will give a presentation on "Bubbles Everywhere". Gianluca is a bubble scientist, working at the National Physical Laboratory where he studies the close relationship between bubbles and sound and how to exploit it to produce greener fuels, tastier food, and less invasive ways to deliver drugs. Through demonstrations and curiosities, there will be an exploration of the "bubble world"... finding that bubbles affect our lives in ways we often don't realise. As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see )

Science Park 07.02.2013 Diasolve Diagnostic Solutions Tetricus Science Park is delighted to welcome Diasolve Diagnostic Solutions as a new tenant. Diasolve's activity cover in vitro diagnostics and in vivo imaging and physiological measurements, as well as pharmaceutical compounds used for diagnostic purposes and currently have two internal development projects in the field of Stratified Medicine supported by the Technology Strategy Board. Their external clients cover a range of organisations such as:

  • early-stage UK companies developing novel in vitro diagnostic products;
  • venture capital backed US companies looking to gain market access in Europe;
  • established Japanese technology firms wishing to commercialise innovations developed in the UK.

Diasolve has developed a very flexible approach to business which allows them to provide support along every stage of the journey to healthy sales, and even to assume full responsibility for the product development and launch process. Through their internal team and network of specialist associates they can provide expert services to underpin product design through to market access, including:

  • Strategy Formulation and Business Planning
  • Financing through Grants and Venture Capital
  • Outsourced Product Design & Development
  • Voice-of-Customer and other Market Research
  • Trial Planning, Health Economics and Reimbursement

MD, Paul Weinberger, said "I am delighted to be back amongst friends in the thriving science and technology community at Porton Down, having left Enigma in 2010 and founded Diasolve Diagnostic Solutions later that year. After twenty years working in industry I had grown frustrated with the lack of dedicated, expert services provided in the field of diagnostics so I decided to do something about it. I founded Diasolve to support inventors with novel technologies, and executives with challenging targets to achieve, struggling to find providers they could trust to deliver. The announcement last year of the funding to develop the new Porton Science Park and build the innovation centre came at the ideal time for Diasolve. I was looking to establish a head-office in a credible incubator site, and had been exploring facilities in London and the South of England. This much needed boost to the science base in Wiltshire, offering a long-term solution for the future, made it the obvious choice for me."

Science Park 16.01.2013 New Innovation Centre for Tetricus. The full Planning Application for the Innovation Centre was submitted to Wiltshire Council under Reserved Matters on 11 December when public consultation started and will end on 31 January. The planning application  describes it as "Porton Science Park, Land Off Manor Farm Road, Porton Down, Salisbury, SP4 0JG. Reserved matters application for construction of a junction to manor farm road, site spine road and related distribution roads and the erection of a two-storey office/laboratory incubator building with roof top screened plant area, external enclosures, car parking, and associated external works and landscaping." A decision is expected before 5 February 2013. Details of the application can be found at

Science Park 17.12.2012 Fluorogenics. Tetricus Science Park new start-up company, Fluorogenics Ltd, exhibited at Medica Dusseldorf (Hall 1 Stand D04) from the 14-17th of November, where they presented their "Cyxi" range of lyophilised polymerase chain re-action reagents to potential partners and distributors. "Cyxi" reagents free the PCR process from the burden of the cold supply chain reducing both the logistics of distribution and the environmental impact of refrigerated transport and storage. "Cyxi" may be combined with assay specific primers and probes from Fluorogenics or other providers for a simple robust PCR suitable for both laboratory and non-laboratory testing.

Science Park 26.11.2012 New Arrivals Tetricus Business Services Coordinator, Fiona Larkin, gave birth to baby Margaret on 15th November, five weeks early, at Salisbury Hospital. Margaret weighed in at just over 5lb 15oz. Congratulations to both Fiona and Margaret! Whilst Fiona is on maternity leave, Linda Chorlton will be providing Maternity Cover, starting today. Linda has four years' property experience as Branch Administrator at Connells Estate Agent and before that worked for the Cain Bio- Engineering Consultancy in the Woodford Valley. She lives close to Salisbury town centre with her husband, two daughters and assorted pets.

Science Park 05.11.2012 KalVista Pharmaceuticals awarded £2.4M Biomedical Catalyst funding. KalVista Pharmaceuticals, a key tenant of the Tetricus Science Park, have announced that it has won a £2.4 million grant from the Technology Strategy Board under the UK Government's £180 million Biomedical Catalyst funding initiative for research and development in the life sciences. KalVista will use the new funding to accelerate the development of an oral plasma kallikrein inhibitor for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME), the leading cause of working-age adult blindness. The Biomedical Catalyst grant will allow KalVista to complete pre-clinical development of oral plasma kallikrein inhibitors identified by the Company and prepare a drug candidate ready for Phase I clinical development.
"We are very pleased to have secured Biomedical Catalyst funding for the development of an oral plasma kallikrein inhibitor for DME," said Andrew Crockett, KalVista's CEO. "It is a recognition of the potential of our approach and the expertise of our team and will allow us to bring to the clinic more rapidly a new treatment that we hope will ultimately improve outcomes for patients with what is a very serious complication in diabetes. The oral programme will run alongside our $2.2 million collaboration with the JDRF, the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, for the development of an intravitreal (IVT) injectable form of plasma kallikrein inhibitor. That collaboration is progressing well with first in human trials planned for next year. We look forward to similarly rapid progress under the Biomedical Catalyst grant."
KalVista's oral and intravitreal injection plasma kallikrein inhibitor programmes both draw on the Company's established leadership position and expertise with this target class. While both routes of administration offer potential benefits to patients, a successful oral drug would offer a novel delivery approach for better patient acceptability and the possibility of earlier treatment of the disease.

Science Park 24.10.2012 New School for South Wiltshire - Specialising in Science and Engineering for the Defence Industries. Do you recruit scientists or engineers or do you have children interested in a future career in science or engineering? If so, we have news of an exciting new development for South Wiltshire. A local consortium is bidding to open a University Technical College (UTC) in Salisbury from 2014. This would be a specialist 14-19 state school training young scientists and engineers on an intensive 9-5 day with support from the Army, the University of Southampton, Wiltshire College and local defence companies. You can find out more and, importantly, give your views as an employer and/or a parent on the idea at There's a link to a survey of potential students too.

Science Park 19.10.2012 New Innovation Centre for Tetricus. Tetricus wholeheartedly welcomes today's announcement that the application from Wiltshire Council and a joint venture between Wrenbridge and Trebor Developments Ltd has secured £10m funding from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Regional Growth Fund to develop the Porton Science Park. The successful bid for £10m will help kick-start the first phase of the total science park project creating the infrastructure for the planned 355,000 sq ft science park and a new 23,000 sq ft innovation centre.
For the past eleven years Tetricus has successfully operated the business incubator for bioscience-related companies at Porton Down, providing office and laboratory space combined with specialist business support and mentoring for its tenant companies and for over five years has been working to develop a new innovation centre and the science park as a whole. The funding will secure the future provision of these market leading specialist resources, and will play an integral role in the success of the science park and its stakeholders. This will provide certainty for our existing client companies and their staff and enable us to further develop this centre of excellence in the heart of South Wiltshire. The new Science Park will create or safeguard around 2,000 jobs over a 10-year-period and bring national and international investment into the area meaning that Wiltshire will be firmly at the forefront of the science and technology industries.
The Porton Science Park will be based near leading scientific institutions, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) at the Porton Down site near Salisbury and provide facilities for science and research based industries and could attract £70m of private sector investment in the next 10 years. The development is expected to attract high levels of investment from both the UK and foreign bioscience and healthcare.
Wiltshire Council leader Jane Scott said: "This is another example of how Wiltshire is open for business and how vital it is to take every opportunity to boost our economy. Our workforce, travel links and public and private sector partnerships make this county a great place in which to invest and we are seeing this time and time again.
This is really good news for the whole of Wiltshire as the Porton Science Park will lead the way in the science and technology industry. It will mean more jobs for local people and more investment into this county and its communities. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this successful multi-million pound bid."

Science Park 02.08.2012 Wessex Life Sciences Alliance Conference. The Wessex Life Sciences Alliance embodies the cross-sector collaborations between the University of Southampton, University Hospital Southampton, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Tetricus Science Park and the research establishments, HPA and Dstl, at Porton Down. On Monday 17th September, Southampton University Institute for Life Sciences will host the first Wessex Life Sciences Alliance Conference. The conference will focus on areas of Genetics, Immunology, Cancer, Vaccines and Microbiology and the objectives are to bring together key specialists from across these organisations and to strengthen the partnership through collaboration. Presentations will relate topics to translational research and enabling technologies and include speakers from the regional Life Sciences research community. In addition there will be a poster session, which will provide an excellent opportunity to network. The keynote speaker will be Prof Carl Borrebaeck, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor at the Department of Immunotechnology and Centre Director for the translational cancer centre - CREATE Health, Lund University. Programme participants include: Dr Tim Atkins (Dstl), Prof Miles Carroll (HPA) and the following speakers from the University of Southampton: Dr Sarah Ennis, Prof Christian Ottensmeier, Dr Peter Roach and Dr Tony Williams. Further details at

Science Park 29.06.2012 Science Seminars Yesterday's seminar by Nigel Silman on "Biosafety in Resource-Poor Countries" was very well attended. Many thanks to Nigel for such an extremely well presented and interesting seminar.
The next Cafe Scientifique talk, on Tuesday, 3rd July, will be a double bill by two consultants from The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust. Dr Ajay Kumar Sharma, Consultant Surgeon in Transplantation and Surgery and Clinical Sub-Dean, will give a presentation on "Organ Transplantation & Organ Donation" and Dr Vinita Mishra, Consultant Chemical Pathologist, Clinical Biochemistry & Metabolic Medicine, will give a talk on "Sunlight and Vitamin D". As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see )

Science Park 14.06.2012 Tetricus Science Park Seminar : On Thursday 28th June, Dr Nigel Silman of the Microbiology Service at HPA, Porton Down, will give a presentation on "Biosafety in Resource-Poor Countries" from 12:30-14:00 pm in the Dstl Conservation Museum. A light lunch will be provided, so RSVP to or 01980 556514, by close on Tuesday 26th June 2012 so we have numbers for catering. Early bookings are recommenced since this is likely to be a very popular talk and many reservations have already been made.

Science Park 01.06.2012 Fluorogenics Ltd launches "Cyxi" Tetricus Science Park-based company, Fluorogenics, is a Director funded start-up venture developing methods for the stabilisation of molecular biology reagents based on lyophilisation technologies (freeze-drying). The first product, Cyxi, comprises a family of ready-to-go core reagents for polymerase chain reaction. Cyxi eliminates the requirement for laboratory cold storage and provides a convenient format for a number of end-user applications and automated platforms. The first Cyxi products are focused on the life science research market, and in particular business-to-business opportunities that eliminate the cold supply chain to the developing markets. Director, Dr Martin Lee, said "The launch of Cyxi represents the first in a pipeline of products designed specifically to make PCR laboratory testing more automated. We hope that we continue to develop a portfolio of products that will progress as we attain ISO 13485 certification. This will allow Fluorogenics to exploit market opportunities into the regulated diagnostics sector".

Science Park 10.05.2012 Science-related events happening during May:
May 15th at 7.30 pm; St John Suite at White Hart Hotel , Salisbury - SW Branch of Institute of Physics: Dr Doug Imeson will discuss Nanotechnology. Refreshments from 7pm. Attendance is free and non-members welcome.
17 May The BioMedical Catalyst - Competition Briefing Workshop, London: The BioMedical Catalyst competition is now open, designed to directly address this funding gap and provide grants to more effectively translate basic research into products with market potential. This joint £180m Technology Strategy Board and Medical Research Council programme offers funding to innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and academics looking to work either individually or in collaboration to develop innovative products, technology and solutions to health-care challenges. For further information see
18th May: Diagnostics Technology Showcase A diagnostics technology showcase is being held at the Health Protection Agency, Porton Down providing an opportunity to visit Porton Down and meet with researchers as to discover the breadth of exciting research underway within the South West region of England, focussing on biomedical diagnostics technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their work with the speakers and other attendees during round table discussions. This will give researchers not only the opportunity to present their research to the attendees but to receive feedback and make valuable contacts during the networking sessions. Attendance is free and includes a buffet lunch. Invited Speakers: - University of Southampton: University of the West of England; IBST, Campden BRI; Health Protection Agency; Enterprise Europe South West ; Technology Strategy Board. Further details at
18th May, 1.00pm; Cravenplan, Swallowcliffe - "What makes a website Successful?" Free 3-hour workshop - see
29th May; Salisbury Cafe Scientifique; 7.00 for 7.30pm, Dr Nick Lodge "Immersive Entertainment" In his entertaining presentation Dr Nick Lodge will look at the history of immersive media since 1903, describing the eccentric cinema paraphernalia of the 1950s (Cinerama, stereoscopy, Smell-o-Vision, Aromarama, Percepto, Sensurround and others). He will then come right up to-date with a look at the latest in ultra high definition and holographic TV systems currently under development. During the Olympics three UK city centres will see live events in (Japanese) ultra high definition television for the first time in Britain - with twice the resolution of I-MAX. Without leaving the comfort of your armchair you may soon feel like you have a front row seat at Wimbledon or watching your favourite rock band performing live! Further details at

Science Park 20.04.2012 Tetricus Seminar 19th April 2012 on Conservation. Stuart Corbett and Sarah Atkinson who form the core of the conservation team on the site at Dstl gave us a fantastic talk on the challenges currently faced by the invertebrate population of Porton Down. Sarah's explanation of how hairy legs were really presenting her with a problem these days was more thought provoking than alarming once she explained that it was the presence of a smooth legged invertebrate as opposed to its very close (indistinguishable apart from the hirsute legs) hairy-legged cousin that was causing concern as one has almost completely taken over from the other as the site has dried out. Also fascinating was the potential impact of the decline in woodlouse numbers on the stone curlew population, with the knock-on consequences on their ability to breed successfully (woodlice are a key dietary component of both the adult and young stone curlews). Stuart also outlined the importance of the TICLIST project and the work being done with the Natural History Museum. The talk was very well received with a number of thought provoking questions asked by the audience. Above all, this seminary demonstrated how otherwise unnoticed invertebrate population changes can act as sensitive and early indicators of climate change.

Science Park 12.04.2012 KalVista Pharmaceuticals Ltd We would like to extend a warm welcome to the latest tenants of the Tetricus Science Park - KalVista Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This is an ophthalmology company with a focus on diabetic macular edema (DME). The team here are busy synthesising and developing novel plasma kallikrein inhibitors, which represents a new approach to the treatment of DME, a leading cause of adult visual loss in developed countries. KalVista has an advanced pre-clinical product pipeline resulting from over 20 years of leading pharmaceutical discovery in the field of serine protease inhibitors and is targeting both intravitreal injection and oral administration for its plasma kallikrein inhibitors. Although VEGF inhibitors clearly can benefit DME, a significant number of patients do not respond fully to these agents and have limited treatment options. Plasma kallikrein inhibitors target a distinct molecular pathway and as such have the potential to offer those patients an effective treatment option.
KalVista's founders include world-leading experts in diabetic retinopathy, Dr Lloyd Paul Aiello, Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Joslin's Beetham Eye Institute, and Dr Edward Feener, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Joslin Diabetes Center.

Science Park 19.03.2012 Cellseco Stem Cell Culture Seminar There was an first-rate turnout for the CellSeco South West Stem Cell Seminar last week at The Pembroke Arms Hotel, Wilton (near Salisbury). The meeting started with an Introduction/Welcome from Dr Clive Duggleby, General Manager of the nearby Tetricus Science Park when he referred to the passion for science that Sir Paul Nurse had described in his recent 2012 Dimbleby Lecture (look it up on Google!). This was followed by excellent scientific presentations on stem cell research from Dr. Emmajayne Kingham (Southampton University); Dr. Michal Amit, (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel); Dr. Vasanta Subramanian (Bath University); Dr Glyn Stacey (UK Stem Cell Bank); Dr. Nadire N Ali (Imperial College, London); Dr. David Fiorentini (Biological Industries, Israel); and finally, Dr. Franchesca Houghton (Southampton University). The lunch and refreshments, provided courtesy of Cellseco Ltd, were also up to the same very high standard.

Science Park 07.02.2012 Cellseco Stem Cell Culture Seminar The postponed symposium on stem cell culture has been rescheduled for 14th March at the same location as before, The Pembroke Arms Hotel, Wilton (near Salisbury). The following seminar are planned:
"Nanotopographical cues for stem cell research and regenerative medicine" : Dr. Emmajayne Kingham, Bone & Joint Research Group, University of Southampton
"Culture methods for pluripotent hESC.":Dr. Michal Amit, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
"Human Induced Pluripotent stem cells - towards more realistic disease models, models for differentiation and regenerative medicine.": Dr. Vasanta Subramanian, Reader in Vertebrate Developmental Genetics and Stem Cell Biology, University of Bath.
"The challenges for using human pluripotent stem cell lines for research and clinical applications.": Dr .Glyn Stacey, Director, UK Stem Cell Bank.
"Cardiomyocytes from pluripotent stem cells: What are the challenges for research and clinical applications?": Dr. Nadire N Ali, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, London.
"Xeno-free Culture System For Mesenchymal Stem Cells": Dr. David Fiorentini, Biological Industries, Israel.
"Hypoxic regulation of human embryonic stem cells.": Dr. Franchesca Houghton, Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration, University of Southampton.
A range of free samples of cell culture media will be available from Biological Industries and Cellseco. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, courtesy of Cellseco Ltd. If you wish to attend, please contact Dr. Will Anderson ( for further details.

Science Park 16.01.2012 Tetricus Science Park is delighted to announce the arrival of two new start-up tenant companies who have taken space in Building 227. We welcome them to the Science Park and wish them every success.
Fluorogenics will be researching, producing and distributing fluorescent PCR reagents for DNA analytical systems.
SecureBio will be supplying services and training in chemical, biological and radiological detection.
The next Cafe Scientifique talk on 7th February will be by Dr Mitch Lomax, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology and BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise scientist at the University of Portsmouth. Entitled "Breathing - The Secret Weapon in Sporting Performance", Dr Lomax will describe how the breathing muscles, which are generally overlooked by sports performers and coaches alike, can limit exercise performance. She will also explain how these muscles can be targeted to improve sporting performance. While she will mostly cover these topics in relation to fit and healthy individuals, she will briefly touch on some relevant breathing diseases/disorders. As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at SalisburyRugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see

Science Park 12.12.2011 Cellseco Stem Cell Culture Seminar Please note that the Cellseco free seminar on stem cell culture has been postponed to 14th March, at the same location, The Pembroke Arms Hotel, Wilton. Further details on speakers etc. will be published nearer the time. Please also note that on Tuesday 3rd January, Salisbury Cafe Scientifique will have Jolyon Medlock FRES, Scientific Programme Leader of the Medical Entomology and Zoonoses Ecology Microbial Risk Assessment at the Health Protection Agency, Porton Down, to give a presentation entitled "Ticks". This should prove a fascinating talk and not to be missed, especially if you were unable to attend the seminar entitled "Ticks in 21st century Britain" that Jolyon gave to the Science Park just over a year ago. As usual, Cafe Scientifique will be held at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:00 (for 7:30) - 9:00 pm (see

Science Park 07.11.2011 Tetricus Science Park Seminar : On Thursday 17th November, Professor Bryn James of Dstl will give a presentation entitled "Armour" from 12:30-14:00 pm in the Dstl Conservation Museum. The seminar will describe what armour needs to do and the special material properties that are required. A light lunch will be provided, so RSVP to or 01980 556514, by close on Tuesday 15th November 2011 so we can have numbers for catering.
Please also note that Tetricus tenant company, Cellseco, is hosting a free seminar on stem cell culture at the Pembroke Arms, Wilton (near Salisbury) on 1st and 2nd December. Presentations will include: "Importance of xeno-free culture system in stem cell research" by Dr Dr. David Fiorentini of Biological Industries; "Culture methods for pluripotent hESC" by Dr. Michal Amit, Israel Stem Cell Society; and "Nanotopography for stem cell research and regenerative medicine" by Dr. Emmajayne Kingham of the Bone & Joint Research Group,University of Southampton. A range of free samples of cell culture media will be available from Biological Industries and Cellseco. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, courtesy of Cellseco Ltd. If you wish to attend, please contact Dr. Will Anderson ( for further details.

Science Park 03.10.2011 Science Park Seminar. We had a fantastic turn-out to our last Seminar on Plague given by Petra Oyston - so much so that all seats were taken and the chairman was left standing (so could he really be termed a chairman?) many thanks to Petra for such an interesting presentation. Please also note that on Tuesday 11th October, Salisbury Cafe Scientifique have Prof Chris Rhodes, Director of Fresh-lands Environmental Action in Reading giving a presentation entitled "What Happens when we run out of Oil?" This will be at Salisbury Rugby Club, 7:30- 9:00 pm (see

Science Park 09.09.2011 Tetricus Science Park Seminar : On Wednesday 28th September, Professor Petra Oyston of the Biomedical Department of Dstl will give a presentation entitled "Plague" from 12:30-14:00 pm in the Dstl Conservation Museum. The seminar will cover a brief history of plague, the pandemics and their impact, the lifestyle of the bug, its evolution from a stomach bug into the nasty we know today and also our current efforts to develop a vaccine. A light lunch will be provided, so RSVP to or 01980 556514, by close on Friday 23rd September 2011 so we have numbers for catering. Early bookings are recommenced since this is likely to be a very popular talk and many reservations have already been made.

Science Park 10.08.2011 Enigma Diagnostics and GSK announce Collaboration on Assay Development and Commercialization of Enigma's ML Platform:
Enigma Diagnostics Limited, the molecular diagnostics company whose R&D operations are based at the Tetricus Science Park, and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have announced that they have signed agreements for the supply and commercialization on an exclusive basis of the Enigma ML system in Europe and other designated key countries, including India, Brazil and Russia. The agreements include development by Enigma of an initial range of respiratory tests for use on its real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology platform, and provide GSK the opportunity to generate revenues from further test developments in infectious diseases and in other therapeutic areas relevant to its healthcare business.
The Enigma ML system has the potential to deliver a result from a raw sample in under 60 minutes in a point of need setting. The new collaboration significantly extends the scope of the Influenza partnership announced in July 2009 for the Enigma ML system and builds on GSK's extensive expertise and heritage within the respiratory therapeutic area and the extended capabilities offered by the Enigma ML system.
John McKinley, Chairman and CEO of Enigma, said: "This is a major collaboration and represents a significant milestone for Enigma. These agreements for assay development, commercialization and supply will leverage GSK's extensive sales and marketing force with Enigma's unique Point of Care system which has potential uses across a number of human diseases. This is a partnership which will deliver much needed 'test and treat' capability to infectious disease management." Further details on the Enigma web site,

Science Park seminars 22.07.2011 GW Pharmaceuticals launches Sativex in Denmark and Germany: During July GW Pharmaceuticals, a key Tetricus Science Park tenant company, announced the launch in Germany and Denmark of Sativex oromucosal spray as a treatment for the relief of spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Germany has the highest prevalence of MS in Europe. Sativex is also approved and marketed in the UK and Spain and is expected to be launched in Sweden before the end of 2011 with additional launches in Italy, Czech Republic and Austria during 2012. Sativex contains active ingredients called 'cannabinoids', which are extracted from cannabis plants grown and processed under strictly controlled conditions. Cannabinoids react with receptors that occur naturally throughout our bodies, including in our brains and when this happens, it has an effect on the cell and the nerve impulses it produces, causing a 'dimming down' of the symptoms of spasticity. In patients who respond to Sativex, it is this effect which helps to improve their symptoms of spasticity and to help them cope better with their usual daily activities. Further details are on the company's website (

Science Park seminars 20.06.2011 Professor Tony Atkinson. It is with sadness that we have learned of the death of Tony Atkinson, a founding director of Tetricus Science Park, as well as being a brilliant scientist and gifted entrepreneur. Tony passed away in hospital after a short illness and our thoughts and expressions of sympathy go out to his family and close friends.

Science Park seminars 16.06.2011 Tetricus Celebrates its 10th Year of operating as a business incubator for bioscience: Today we celebrated 10 years of operations as a science park specialising in incubating bioscience businesses. As part of the celebratory party, to which past and present directors and science park tenants were invited, we presented our outgoing Chairman, Chris Thorne, with an engraved crystal decanter and tumblers to thank him for his services to the Board. Chris was one of the founder directors of Tetricus Science Park and the last remaining on the board until he retired this March. In addition to the engraved crystal, Chris was also given a copy of the book "In Defence of Landscape: An Archeology of Porton Down" by David Ride. A fascinating book which, after an introduction to the geology of the area and the excavations of J.F.S. Stone from1931 to 1957, describes the different sites and monuments in chronological order, including Neolithic flint mines, Bronze Age round barrows, Iron Age features and settlements, a Georgian folly, and the remains of a Victorian mansion, up to the World War One experimental gas trenches.

Science Park seminars 13.5.2011 Tetricus Seminar and Ranges Walk: Next Wednesday, 19th May, Stuart Corbett, Conservation Manager at DSTL Porton Down will give a talk entitled "The Impact of Rabbits and Drought on the Wildlife of Porton Down - A Climate Change Event?" This will be followed by a guided walk on the Porton Down ranges in the evening at 6:00pm.
This talk follows Stuart's highly acclaimed presentation to us two years ago and he is returning to speak about the challenges the ecosystems at Porton are facing at present and look set to face in the future. Stuart's work involves closely monitoring plant, bird, insect and wildlife species that live on the 2750 hectares of downlands that make up the Porton Down ranges. These ranges are one of the few downland spaces we have in the UK which are relatively untouched by human activities and his talk promises to be a fascinating insight into the natural history and present day of our environment.
There will be a buffet lunch after the speaker has given his presentation and there has been an opportunity for questions.
If you would like to attend please email or call the office on 01980 556 514 before 10.00 am on Monday 16th May 2011.
Places are limited and first refusal will be given to those attending the seminar, therefore if you wish to attend please specifically state in your booking for the seminar that you wish to join the evening walk.


Welcome to Tetricus Science Park

Tetricus Science Park based at Porton Down in Wiltshire, South West England, offers state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and specialist support to new and growing science companies.

Porton Down is often perceived as a "top secret" government site offering facilities, opportunities and knowledge only to civil service scientists. In reality, it is one of the best kept secrets in the South of England - a thriving commercial community, offering a wealth of opportunities to any science-related business or business activity.

As well as providing tenant companies with the professional support and infrastructure they need to realise their commercial ambitions, we offer access to a world-class knowledge network that includes some of the nations most talented scientists thanks to our strong links with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratories and Public Health England.


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